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Get tailored legal advice about financial matters in your relationship or marriage

A financial agreement is a legally binding document that outlines how a couple's financial affairs will be managed during their relationship or in the event of a separation or divorce. These agreements are a way for you to make private arrangements regarding property settlement, finances, and spousal maintenance outside of court.

Our experienced family lawyers can help you enter into a financial agreement (or prenup to use the American term) before marriage, during marriage, following a separation, or during the divorce process. Dividing your asset pool can be stressful and complex, but with a legal practitioner on your side, you can reach your desired outcome quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Financial agreement services

Get your assets in order with our financial agreement services

Financial arrangements help to safeguard you and give you financial peace of mind in the event of separation or divorce. From dividing assets to dealing with complex financial issues, our lawyers will go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Binding financial agreements (or prenups)

We can help you enter into a binding financial agreement before, during, or after marriage. This addresses the division of property in the event of separation between you and your partner or spouse.

Financial settlements

Dividing assets following a separation can cause conflict between former partners; we can help formalise a financial settlement that ensures your asset split is fair and equitable. 

Financial orders

A financial order is made by the court and formalises aspects such as property division, spousal maintenance, and child support. We can represent you should you need to file for an order.


If you and your former partner are unable to agree on financial agreements, we can organise mediation where an impartial negotiator can guide you towards an amicable resolution.

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When to obtain independent legal advice from a lawyer

Sometimes, financial arrangements can be agreed amicably between two parties, which is known as an informal agreement. However, if you wish to enter a legally binding financial agreement (or prenup), you and your former partner must obtain independent legal advice first. A qualified family lawyer can support you through the process, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of entering into an agreement and negotiating terms on your behalf.

Our specialist family lawyers are highly trained in financial agreements and can provide the advice, support, and guidance you need to finalise your financial matter.

Benefits of consulting a family lawyer

While it isn’t always required to engage a lawyer for financial arrangements, there are a number of benefits to obtaining independent legal advice from a qualified family lawyer.

  • In-depth understanding of the Family Law Act
  • Ensure agreements adhere to legal requirements and standards
  • Provide personalised advice based on your unique circumstances
  • Guide you through the process of full financial disclosure
  • Draft clear and comprehensive legal documents
  • Assist in negotiating terms, ensuring the agreement reflects your intentions
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"In what was a difficult time to go through, I'm thankful that I had the team at Carew in my corner. I received sound advice all the way through the process and felt proud of the dignified way that my case was being responded to. I would certainly recommend Madison and the team at Carew for their professionalism, experience, integrity and dedicated service."

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"10 Stars! Very happy & relieved that I chose Alex Carew & Carew Counsel for a family member in an extremely concerning & complicated Family Court/child protection matter. Highly professional, ethical, respectful, knowledeable, hard working, strategic, collaborative, communicative, caring, compassionate & child & family welfare focused. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us protect our little child."

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"I would like to thank and acknowledge all the team at Carew Counsel Solicitors for representing me in my recent financial settlement matter. I highly recommend that you engage Carew Counsel Solicitors to represent you in your family law matter."

Frank G
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Browse our frequently asked questions about financial agreements.

What is a financial agreement?

A financial agreement is a legally binding document that outlines financial arrangements between parties in various domestic relationships or marriages in Australia. This agreement can be entered into before, during, or after a partnership, including marriages and de facto relationships. It covers matters such as property settlement and financial responsibilities in the event of separation or divorce.

Financial agreements must meet legal requirements to be binding. They should be in writing and signed by both parties, with each party having received independent legal advice before signing.

Both parties are required to provide full and frank disclosure of their financial circumstances when entering into a financial agreement to ensure transparency and fairness.

Once properly executed, a financial agreement becomes legally enforceable, providing a structured framework for financial matters in case a relationship ends.

Do I need a financial agreement?

Financial agreements can be useful in many marriages and de facto relationships, but they are not necessary for everyone. Some scenarios where a financial agreement could be beneficial include:

  • If you are in a de facto relationship, a financial agreement can be useful to outline how financial matters will be handled in the event of a separation
  • If you are already married, you may still consider a financial agreement to address financial aspects in case of a future separation
  • If you have significant assets that you want to protect in the event of a relationship breakdown, a financial agreement can specify how these assets will be divided
  • Individuals who own businesses may use financial agreements to safeguard their business interests and prevent disputes over business assets
  • In cases where one or both parties have children from previous relationships, a financial agreement can help clarify financial responsibilities and asset distribution
  • Life circumstances change, and a financial agreement can provide clarity on how financial matters will be handled if there are significant changes such as career advancements, inheritances, or financial windfalls
  • Financial agreements can help prevent disputes by clearly outlining the agreed-upon financial arrangements, potentially reducing legal conflicts
When is a financial agreement legally binding?

Generally, a financial agreement becomes legally binding when:

  • The agreement is in writing and has been willingly signed by both parties 
  • Each partner has received independent legal advice that outlined the effect of the agreement and the advantages/disadvantages of entering into it
  • Each partner has received a signed certificate from their lawyer confirming that they provided legal advice
  • The court has not set the agreement aside (this could happen if, for example, they deemed the agreement not just or equitable)
What is the difference between a consent order and a financial agreement?

A consent order is a court-approved agreement, while a financial agreement is a private contract between parties. Consent orders have the advantage of court enforcement, but they involve court proceedings. A financial agreement offers more privacy but relies on the willingness of parties to comply without direct court oversight.

Do you need a lawyer for a financial agreement?

If you are entering into a binding financial agreement, then it is mandatory to seek independent legal advice before you can progress with the agreement.

Does a financial agreement have to cover everything?

A financial agreement can address all aspects of your financial circumstances or just specifics, such as spousal or de facto partner maintenance or property settlement.

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