Court Representation

Court Representation

When Court proceedings are required, in most cases your  lawyer will advocate for you. When needed, however, we will brief a Barrister.

At Carew Counsel Solicitors, all of our lawyers are experienced and competent advocates who regularly perform appearance work for our clients in various jurisdictions, including the Family Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Carew Counsel Solicitors may also advocate for you at mediation’s or a court ordered conciliation conference.

Often lawyers will also appear at hearings; however, for Final Hearings and complex interim matters, it is our policy to brief an experienced Barrister to advocate your matter. By including a Barrister (also known as Counsel) you obtain further expert advice and representation at your hearing.

We take great care in recommending the appropriate Barrister to advocate your case and always endeavour to brief those with specialised knowledge in the intricate areas of the law relevant to your matter.

We are a Melbourne based firm but are also part of a strong national network of other highly trained interstate solicitors, and so are able to recommend an interstate family court lawyer if needed.

Where to from here?

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your family law matter.

Book an Initial Consultation – We sit down with you for 90 minutes to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and your matter.

Attend a Free Family Law Seminar – Held in the Melbourne CBD, this is your chance to build your legal knowledge, get an understanding of the court process and ask questions to our lawyers before making any decisions.

Get Started Online – Ready to make a start? Answer a few questions and get a free personalised information pack tailored to your family law issue. We can also assemble your relationship history, which will help us reduce costs if you book in for an appointment.

Why choose Carew Counsel Solicitors?

We are experts - we know the law, work in family law every day and are familiar with the type of decisions the court makes.

We give you honest, upfront and detailed advice from the start.

After your initial consultation, we provide you with an estimate as to the likely costs in your case, whether that be negotiation and consent orders, or a final hearing.

We empower you, by helping you understand the system, the options and the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

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At Carew Counsel we understand that selecting the right legal representation is an important decision.

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