We understand that the separation process can be daunting. Seeking early guidance from a family law solicitor can assist you in establishing a solid groundwork to navigate negotiations with your former partner and efficiently resolve your family law conflict in a cost-effective way.
Being well-prepared for your initial meeting with your family law solicitor greatly facilitates their ability to understand your case and identify the issues. The following information and documents will assist your family law solicitor with providing you with tailored advice about your matter:
  1. A brief chronology of your relationship – setting out for example your date of cohabitation/date of marriage, date of separation, the dates on which the children were born and the date on which you and your ex-partner purchased property or sold property together.
  2. A summary of the assets and liabilities and their estimated values as at current date (including real estate, cash at bank, shares and investments, interests in businesses/Corporations/Partnerships and Trusts, superannuation, tax liabilities and personal liabilities) This includes all assets and liabilities that may be held jointly or individually, in Australia and overseas.
  3. The financial and non-financial contributions that you made to the asset pool at the commencement of cohabitation/marriage, during your relationship and post separation. This includes any financial or non-financial support that you and your ex-partner received from family or friends during the course of your relationship and since your separation.
  4. If it is a parenting matter, particulars of the care arrangements for the children during your relationship and following your separation.
  5. Parenting Plans, Court Orders or written agreements.
  6. Family Violence Orders.
  7. Child Support Assessments and decisions regarding any change of assessment.
  8. A copy of all correspondence you have received from a solicitor on behalf of your ex-partner.
Please do not worry if you are unable to gather the information or documents mentioned before your first meeting. You will have a chance after the meeting to obtain any necessary documents that your lawyer considers important for your case.

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