The Family Lawyers Melbourne Trust

Our close-knit team of family lawyers are backed by over thirty years experience and have what other lawyers don’t – compassion.

  • Cost effective solutions on a fixed fee basis where possible.
  • Ranked one of the leading family law firms by Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession
  • A team of 12 family lawyers and 6 accredited family law specialists.
  • Conveniently located in the Melbourne CBD with the option of telephone or after hours consultations.

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Whether you’re going through a divorce, negotiating property settlements, pre-nuptial agreements or children’s issues, we’ll ensure you’re guided every step of the way so you don’t feel lost or overwhelmed by the process. Carew Counsel is grounded in a firm belief of the importance of camaraderie and community. Unlike many other firms, we’re client – not cost – focused.

Anxious? An initial consultation could help

We pride ourselves on our initial consultations, which put clients first.

We offer consultations of an hour and a half to new clients to discuss the most sensible, efficient and cost-effective solution to their problem. We don’t rely on lawyer’s jargon to impress – we demystify the process so you know exactly what your options are, and what direction to take.

Part of the grieving process is understanding it. We’re able to recognise the signs and assist accordingly, whatever stage you’re at. We understand our role in helping people move on with their lives, and aim to make this journey as smooth as possible.

A cost-effective solution

Many clients are anxious about how long and, more importantly, how much, the whole process will take. We remove this anxiety by offering a cost estimate at the end of each initial consultation and look to work on a fixed fee basis where possible.

Who we are

Our standards of excellence in family law have earned us respect across Australia. Carew Counsel is one of the largest family law firms in Victoria, with skills spanning across family law, estates, litigation and conveyancing. Our family lawyers are leaders in their fields, with several receiving awards and OAM awards for their dedication to the law and the community. We’re unique in our flat line management approach, which supports and encourages staff to take direction in how the firm is run.

A team with compassion

When a relationship breaks down, it’s tough enough. We’ll guide you through the legal part with compassion and understanding, giving you the support you need to make it through this major life change.

Why choose Carew Counsel Solicitors?

We have decades of experience in the area of child support - advocating for our clients to achieve the outcomes they desire.

Engaging in collaborative law can lead to saving costs financially, emotionally and psychologically, as well as time by comparison to using traditional Family Court proceedings.

We empower you, by helping you understand the system, the options and the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

We have experience working with a range of experts in family law, meaning that when you need outside assistance, such as valuations or accountancy advice, we can engage professionals who best suit your individual circumstances.

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At Carew Counsel we understand that selecting the right legal representation is an important decision.

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