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With more than thirty years practice behind us, Carew Counsel has grown to become one of Victoria’s leading family law firms.

Founder and director, Peter Carew, started Carew Counsel in 1978 after graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Law and Economics, and then from the Leo Cussen Institute for Continuing Legal Education. Within six months of commencing work at the Melbourne firm, Hughes and Stuart, an opportunity to buy the firm came up. Peter bought the firm and so Carew Counsel began.

Since then, Carew Counsel has been in a state of growth and has gone from strength to strength as a law firm. Right from the beginning of our journey, we have sought to implement ‘best practice’ in all areas of our firm, including technology and work flow.

Our passion for people has always guided our practice

Harnessing the power of technological improvements and possibilities to improve efficiency in terms of work flow is something that we’ve always been interested in throughout our history as a firm. Another area important to our history is the area of development, learning and building relationships with our legal peers for the purpose of growth. This can be seen through our connection with the Law Australasia group. First known as Law Australia, this professional association was created to provide a platform for like-minded firms to meet regularly for the purpose of sharing knowledge, forming partnerships and giving honest feedback, spurring each other on to better practice.

We are proud to have played a founding role in this important association which, since inception has grown to be a national body of eighteen law firms located all around Australia. Our involvement in this group has been particularly helpful for us as we are represented in the areas of Family Law and Estate Planning. Our passion for people has always guided our practice and we are committed to continuing education for all our lawyers through legal education programs and keeping abreast of industry changes; the latter a pertinent factor for clients’ outcomes.

We have always been a firm to work at the coalface of our industry, which means we are acutely aware of developments in the area of family law. Our commitment to excellence in our field has been recognised in recent years. In both 2012 and 2013, we were awarded the Pursuit of Excellence Award by Law Australasia, and in 2014 we were named the top second tiered family law firm in Victoria, according to Doyle’s Guide. We also merged with Hogg and Reid in 2013, and were proud to be called Carew Counsel Incorporating Hogg and Reid before resuming the name Carew Counsel Solicitors in 2016.


1978 – Peter Carew purchased the firm Hughes & Stuart in Ringwood in 1978.

1981 – Peter Carew commenced operating the firm as Carew & Counsel. As the firm expanded and the client base required an office closer to the city, relocation was necessary. Initially the firm opened an office in Queens Road, Melbourne.

1985 – The Melbourne office relocated to the 10th Floor, 570 Bourke Street. The practice became Carew Counsel Holmes which traded and expanded.

1987 – The firm purchased the practice of Dunn Grey Partners in January 1987.

1990 – The practice incorporated to become Carew Counsel Pty Ltd.

1996 – Peter Carew became the sole director.

2013 – Carew Counsel merged with Hogg and Reid Lawyers to become Carew Counsel incorporating Hogg and Reid.

2016 – The practice relocated to the 10th Floor, 313 La Trobe Street and resumed the name Carew Counsel Solicitors.