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Debt Recovery

In addition to our full suite of legal services, we are pleased to also offer our clients our expertise in the area of debt recovery.

At Carew Counsel, we provide our clients with debt recovery litigation services, something we have a high success rate with. Our extensive experience in obtaining judgment and seeking enforcement of this has helped many clients recover back their money. Our services are both efficient and cost effective, as we offer this service at competitive fixed fee rates. We work predominately for creditors in litigation proceedings.

Often the issue of proceedings is enough to convince a debtor to pay

Essentially, this is the situation where money is owed to you and all attempts at debt collection have been exhausted and unsuccessful. If this is the case, you may be able to proceed to litigation and commence court proceedings to recover the money owed to you. Often the issue of proceedings is enough to convince a debtor to pay – in many cases. A strongly worded letter with serious intent from a solicitor is a simple yet effective debt collection tool. When a stronger approach is needed, we have the experience and resources to advocate for you in Court.

The Magistrates Court has jurisdiction to hear matters that do not exceed $100,000 and majority of debt recovery proceedings are issued in the Magistrates Court although going to Court should always be a last resort. The Court needs to see that dispute resolution efforts with the other party have been made. An out of court settlement is always a desired option, saving you considerable cost and time. For more information on debt recovery through the Magistrates Court, please visit the Magistrates Court website.

Should you require debt collectors’ services we recommend that you contact Commercial Debt Recovery Solutions at This is a debt collector’s agency that offers a no win, no fee commission based collection service.