For those of us making the daily commute to and from the CBD, we’re holding on to that last week of minimal traffic and the ease of finding a seat on the tram.

For families with children, the back to school rush can be chaotic. For separated parents, the struggle is perhaps even greater.

In addition to your trip to Officeworks for pencils, exercise books and other school essentials, below are a few pointers to ensure you are back to school ready:

  1. Are you and the other parent clear on who is responsible for pick-ups and drop-offs for the commencement of the school term?
    If you have Orders in place and it is not clear to you “which week” coincides with your children’s first week back at school, we suggest that you contact your lawyer sooner rather than later to ensure that there is no misunderstanding.
  2. Are your children enrolled in any new or additional extra-curricular activities this year? If so, have you and the other parent worked out who is responsible for the fees?
  3. Are you and the other parent struggling to communicate about parenting arrangements? One idea might be to start a Google calendar or download the “My Family Wizard” App. (

Having this information at the ready will take some of the chaos out of the start to the new school term.

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