Agency Work

Agency Work


Our team of experienced family lawyers are able to conduct agency work on behalf of other law firms in regional areas and interstate.

This includes:
  • In person filing;
  • Appearances at hearings;
  • Inspection of subpoena material; and
  • Conveyancing for Victorian properties.

We offer our services for divorce appearances on a fixed fee basis of one hour of the solicitors time plus GST. For all other appearances and attendances at Court on your behalf, our fees will be at an hourly rate.

Please contact Dominique Harriss of our office to discuss your options for an experienced agency team to assist you with your matter.

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After your initial consultation, we provide you with an estimate as to the likely costs in your case, whether that be negotiation and consent orders, or a final hearing.

We empower you, by helping you understand the system, the options and the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

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