So you have made the big decision to see a family lawyer and the even bigger decision of who to choose after reading The Perfect Match. But what next?

Irrespective of whether your family law matter relates to children’s issues, financial matters, the preparation of a Financial Agreement, or possibly all three, the initial consultation runs in much the same way.

Rather than simply “taking instructions”, we value the importance of the initial consultation and consider it an integral step in the progression of your matter. It’s the first occasion that your lawyer is afforded the opportunity to meet with you face to face and a great chance to build rapport.

We sit down with you for around 90 minutes and discuss what’s been going on, what’s really important to you and the desired outcome you’re hoping to achieve.

We recognise the value of a team approach and so initial consultations may involve two lawyers. Involving two lawyers ensures that you have two points of contact moving forward, which is especially important given lawyers tend to be out of the office at various times for Court appearances and the like.

By the end of your initial consultation, you’ll have a roadmap of where your matter is heading, advice as to the likely outcome and a strategy to help you get there. We might suggest that you use the knowledge and guidance you have received at the initial consultation to have some “kitchen-table” conversations with your former partner and have a go at narrowing the issues in dispute.

Every family law matter is unique. Particular approaches and strategies may be appropriate for some clients and not for others. Some relationship breakdowns are amicable, while some are acrimonious. Some clients wish to be heavily involved in the conduct of their matters, while others would prefer to take more of a backseat. Some clients are working within strict budgets, while others are more flexible.  Given the many variables a family law matter may involve, the strategy we adopt to resolve your individual matter is tailored to your wants, needs and budget.

Before booking your initial consultation, you may like to attend one of our free Family Law Seminars. The seminars are a great way to meet our team, ask questions and build your legal knowledge before making any decisions to advance your matter.

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