Skype & Phone Appointments

Skype & Phone Appointments

What to prepare:

While not required, emailing the following through before your appointment does allow us to concentrate on your particular concerns during the conference:

  • Prepare a list of questions and notes about the matters that you require assistance with, and any deadlines that are important to you that will help you get the most out of your appointment
  • If your matter relates to arrangements for your children, please bring along any notes relating to the history of the children’s care that you think are important;
  • If your matter relates to a property settlement or a financial agreement, a list of your current assets and liabilities and superannuation entitlements belonging to you or your former partner. If you can, include an estimate of values, current balances of debit and credit accounts and provide copies of the most recent superannuation statement.

What to have ready for your appointment:

So that you can get the most out of your appointment, please complete the Client Information Questionnaire and return to us ahead of our meeting. You should have a copy of this; any relevant Court Orders or Agreements or documents and your list of notes or questions and prepared for the telephone or Skype appointment. This will ensure you can refer to them during your conference with your solicitor.

Also, please ensure you have organised a quiet space that will have good reception or internet connection during your respective telephone or Skype conference. Payment is required prior to the consultation. Approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled Skype or telephone consultation one of our team members will contact you and take payment for the consultation, your appointment will then commence.

What to expect during the appointment:

During the meeting, your solicitor will provide you with information and advice about the matters that concern you, as well as providing information about the options available in order to resolve your issues. If you would like to learn more about our initial consultations we have written a detailed description in the Carew Family Law Guide.

What to expect after your appointment:

During your appointment you will not be given an estimate of costs however after your consultation, your file will be costed by the internal costing committee, and we will send you a fixed fee option or an hourly based option of payment.

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