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Our practice seeks to be the most respected family law firm in Australia.

We propose to do this by providing quality service and advice from our team of well-educated lawyers, as well as using the best of working systems and technology.

The people from whom we seek that respect are our clients.

A Team Based Approach

At Carew Counsel, teamwork is highly important to us. From the initial consultation, clients are treated as integral members of our team. Together, we will seek to achieve our agreed goal of finding a solution in the most cost effective, sensible and efficient way possible.

The cost of each matter is discussed with clients at the outset of a case. If there is need for a review of estimated costs due to unforeseen circumstances, clients are informed of this as soon as possible.

We seek to develop and maintain relationships with our clients well after a matter is completed, and hope that all our clients would be walking advertisements for our practice in the level of service they received.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our aim is to offer you the most cost effective solution for your matter. We do this in most cases by attempting to complete our work at a fixed fee so that you have a clear idea of what the matter will cost you before work begins on your file. Your case is discussed with the lawyers and management team to determine the best course of action and ultimately to reduce costs. We aim to cut out all unnecessary costs and to ensure that your matter is completed in a timely and effective manner.

Understanding, Sensitivity, Effectiveness

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is usually a time of great anxiety for both parties. We find it helpful to identify where the parties are at in terms of the grief cycle.
For most people, it takes up to two years to go through all the phases of grief including: the initial nervous shock, sadness, anger and finally the hope on the horizon. This is where the blue sky reappears and it’s possible for people to see a future without their previous partner. Identifying where you and your previous partner are going through in the grief cycle will often explain why some behavioural issues surface.

New Beginnings

The breakdown of a relationship is for many, a new beginning.

Being the person who you want to be – and not necessarily who you have become – takes courage and support. Your solicitor at Carew Counsel will support you through this major life change with compassion, understanding and a clear sense of direction.

Our lawyers will keep you focused on achieving the best solution to the problem in the most time and cost effective manner.