Mission Statement

To be the best family law practice in Melbourne and to provide our clients with quality advice and service, in a technologically advanced harmonious workplace where hard work, teamwork and self-improvement are encouraged and rewarded.

Vision Statement

To be recognised as the benchmark for family law practice in Australia.

We will achieve this through our people, processes and development:

  • Boasting a team that shares in our vision of excellence and being the benchmark in family law practice.
  • Retaining, recruiting and rewarding the best people for the job.
  • Fairly and adequately remunerating each team member.
  • Encouraging and developing leadership.
  • Developing work processes that are cost effective, time efficient and fiscally rewarding.
  • Ensuring management is of the highest calibre.
  • Complying with our KPI’s for production and business development.
  • Attracting quality clients through referrals and marketing.
  • Encouraging education and self-improvement as well as health and fitness.
  • Creating and fostering a culture of community and camaraderie.