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Rocks, Pebbles and Sand

A Carew Counsel Philosophy


We believe in looking deep into our business and reflecting on new and innovative ways to deal with and confront issues. We came up with an innovative way of dealing with difficult files. The process is called “Rocks Pebbles and Sand”.

Rocks are obstacles: things that are hard to do and that we put off. At our weekly meetings we look at rocks and if someone has one then we discuss the rock, give some shared guidance from the group, and then shackle the person to the desk with no food, no water and no phone calls until the rock is broken down into pebbles and fixed!

The sand content is the procrastination, the waste of time and shuffling of paper that goes on. We use sand as a way of saying, “don’t waste my time or your time with sand”, and so we eliminate as best we can activities that are non-productive and cost ineffective.

This philosophy helps our clients and team because we don’t let problems build. This means we don’t waste our client’s money doing things that are not necessary or unproductive. We deal with pebbles and that is what solves our client’s problems. And gives us job satisfaction. At Carew Counsel we are proud to adopt this philosophy and encourage you to adopt it too.