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Community & Environment

Community & Environment

At Carew Counsel, we have a strong focus on doing our bit for both our community and the environment.


As lawyers, it’s inevitable that we do use a lot of paper. We have, however, implemented ways to help counter this and lessen our impact on the environment.

Recycling paper, printing final copies and not drafts as well as using both sides of the sheet is de rigour at our firm. You won’t see the lights on in our building when no-one’s there as ‘last one out turns the lights off!’ is our policy.

We have a strong focus on doing our bit for the environment, with some of our staff choosing to ride their bikes to work.


In our firm, we have a casual clothes day on the last Friday of the month.

This regular opportunity is where we raise money for our chosen charity. This is something we discuss in our annual planning meeting and choose a new charity to support every year. In this way we have been proud to support our community by assisting a variety of worthy causes.

In recent years we have also been involved in community initiatives like The Signature of M prize, a Melbourne based art prize which supports young artists, homelessness and the world-class culture we enjoy here in Melbourne. We have also participated in Law Week hosted by the Victoria Law Foundation, which is a festival of events about the law and the legal system in Victoria! For more information about what’s on this year at the festival, please visit the Victoria Law Foundation website.