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At Carew Counsel we believe associations are relational and beneficial to our knowledge and expertise as a firm. We believe our clients benefit from our philosophy that relationships, associations and teamwork are integral to our firm.

We are a member firm of Law Australasia and are proud to have built strategic alliances with likeminded firms all around Australia. Law Australasia is an association of independent law firms that share a common interest of bringing quality service to clients. As a founding member of this association, we are actively involved in all aspects of the group regularly meeting to discuss practice management issues, share insights and strive for best practice in our industry.

All of our lawyers are members of the Law Institute of Victoria

Law Australasia also mentors special interest groups within the areas of family law and estate planning and meet a number of times each year to share our knowledge and skills. This family law specialty group includes more than thirty accredited specialists from all around the country, most with decades of experience behind them. For us, this opportunity to recommend clients to competent interstate lawyers has been of great benefit when necessary in the past. Recently, the Family Law Specialist Interest group have been working on common precedents and production lines for best practice models and we know our involvement in this group to be highly advantageous for our clients and the level of service we provide.

As well as our invaluable association with Law Australasia, we hold a high priority on learning and development of all members of our team. Having an understanding of any update to legislation and keeping abreast to industry developments is essential to our ability to deliver high quality services to our clients. Accordingly, all of our lawyers are members of the Law Institute of Victoria, an industry body which requires its members to receive continuing legal education.

We are proud to support the Institute and are also members of various committees that promote knowledge and expertise within our field.